Our Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

To act in accordance with all legal regulations related to environment and with customers' additional requests when performing our activities,
To continuously improve our environmental performance by increasing environmental awareness of our employees, and to share our experiences with suppliers, customers and the society,
To protect our natural resources, to use them efficiently and to encourage recycling,
To prevent environmental pollution or to minimize it in its source by ensuring the control of our wastes are our main objectives.
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General Manager

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SKT owns IATF 16949, TS 6194, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and FORD Q1 certificates.
Our main targets are: ensuring exemplary reliability in quality and delivery, keeping the competitive power alive, fulfilling customers' requests, complying with the requirements of the Quality Management System and ensuring the continuous improvement of its effectiveness, ensuring the flexibility for fast production for all pieces by increasing the product variety, maintaining a competent, effective and happy staff structure that learns, develops and manages, and developing our constantly renewing corporate structure.

General Manager
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The principles of SKT A.Ş. Occupational Health and Safety Policy are: acting in accordance with all legal regulations regarding the occupational health and safety and the additional requests of the organizations we are a member of; continuously improving our occupational health and safety performance by increasing the occupational health and safety awareness of our employees; protecting our employees, customers, subcontractors and all visitors from the risks arising from our activities; encouraging the occupational health and safety practices; working in healthy and safe conditions by controlling the workplace risks at their source.

General Manager,
on behalf of all SKT A.Ş. employees

We ensure to;
Value and protect information,
Fulfill information security obligations arising from legal or contracts related to our activities,
Protect the confidentiality, accessibility and integrity of all kinds of information produced, stored and transmitted in our activities,
Ensure the protection of information belonging to them and their stakeholders by raising employees and third parties aware of Information Security,
Ensure that our company's basic and supportive business activities continue with minimal downtime,
Ensure the physical and electronic security of the environments where information assets are located and guarantee and continuously improve that information is secured by effectively managing information security risks.

Purpose: the purpose of this Policy is to protect and properly manage the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility features of the information assets owned by SKT and the units it serves. Our supplier security policy for any supplier and/or (sub)contractor that we cooperate with is defined as follows in order to protect our shared information and information assets against the information security threats that may occur knowingly or unknowingly during supplying goods and services. Enforcement of this policy is essential to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our information assets. It covers the rules to be followed for the protection of information security in the supplier relations. Applicability – maintaining the integrity, confidentiality, availability of the information shared with the supplier and/or (sub)contractor; healthy operation of the information systems infrastructure with the services received from the supplier and/or (sub)contractor and ensuring the continuity of all kinds of business and transactions carried out; protecting the confidentiality of the corporate and personal information shared with the confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements; complying with the legal and regulatory requirements, including the data protection, intellectual property rights and copyrights within the scope of the service; penalties for non-compliance with such terms of contracts for the purchase of goods and services as agreed terms of service/repair, problem resolution time, delivery time, etc.; confidentiality.