The SKT, which is the first firm in Turkey to produce oil seals using synthetic rubber, is also developing itself the recipes of all rubber blends it used. Tests according to ASTM Norms and Customer Specifications are carried out in its own laboratory.

It has developed more than 2000 approved rubber blends in the laboratory and production line with all the necessary equipment for the production and tests of rubber used in the industry.

With more than 50 years of experience in the field of rubber, SKT continues to support its customers with material R&D department by developing the most innovative and functional rubber blends.

In addition, the rubber blends developed by the material R&D department are statistically checked and approved according to the material specifications.

Main Tests Conducted at SKT

• Hardness, Shore A, Shore D, IRHD

• Rheological properties

• Density

• Tensile Strength

• Breaking Elongation

• Permanent Deformation

• Liquid Resistance

• Heat Resistance

• Cold Resistance

• Tearing Resistance

• Abrasion Resistance

• Ash Content Test

• Ozone Resistance

• Acetone Extract

• Rubber&Metal

• Adhesion Test

• DSC Test 

• TGA Test

• Fixed compression test

• Tribology Test

Materials Used and Their Properties

Ana Polimerler ASTM Kodu SKT Kodu Sıcaklık Dayanımları Ozon Dayanımı IRM 903 Yağ Dayanımı
"Poliakrilat,Akrilik Kauçuk
(Polyacrylate Rubber) "
ACM P -20 / +150 B B
"Etilakrilat Kauçuk
(Ethylene Acrylic Elastomer)"
AEM AE -40 / +175 A B
"Cloropren-Neopren Kauçuk
(Chloroprene Rubber)"
CR C -35 / +100 A C
"Etilen Propilen Kauçuk
(Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Terpolymer)"
EPDM E -40 / +150 A T
"Florokarbon-Viton Kauçuk
(Fluorocarbon Rubber)"
FKM V -30 / +220 A A
"Nitril Kauçuk
(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber)"
NBR N -40 / +100 CD A
"HNBR Kauçuk
(Hydrogenated Acrylonitrile But.Rubber)"
HNBR H -30 / +150 A A
"Doğal-Tabii Kauçuk
(Natural Rubber)"
NR T -60 / +90 CD T
"Sitiren-SBR Kauçuk
(Styrene Butadiene Rubber)"
SBR R -50 / +100 CD T
"Silikon Kauçuk
(Methyl Vinyl Silicone Rubber)"
VMQ,MQ,PVMQ S -60 / +225 A C
PTFE F -268 / +260 A A
"Termoplastik Poliürethan
(Thermoplastic Polyurethane)"
TPU L -25 / +80 A A


Plastic Raw Materials : PA66, PEI, PPS, HDPE, PA.46, PPA,

A=Excellent B=Good C=Medium D=Bad T=Not Recommended